How to Prevent Thieves From Driving Away With Your RV Trailer

Can you imagine leaving your trailer to go sightseeing or bathing in the nearby lake, just to come back to the camping lot and your trailer suddenly isn’t there? While it does sound very unlikely, it’s certainly possible that someone just backed up to your trailer with their pickup, attached it to the 5th wheel and left. Other people around didn’t pay any attention to it, because the thieves went through all the same steps all campers take when they’re packing up and leaving a camp site, so nothing seemed out of the ordinary. To ensure your trailers stays where it’s supposed to, all you need is a lock and trailer coupling to prevent thieves from taking away your thousands of dollars worth of investment.

For travel trailers, putting a padlock through the hole of a trailer coupling is probably the best solution. If you choose this as your only means of protection, you better ensure the coupling is closed and the padlock goes through the hole. By doing so, any attempt to hitch up will be pointless, as the hitch won’t fit over a ball.


If you want even better security, add a trailer hitch lock into the mix. A hitch lock clamps into the coupling in a way that prevents the hitch from going over any ball (no matter the size of the ball). There are many hitch locks available, but make sure to buy the one that covers the coupling complete, so it can’t be lowered over the ball.

However, there are some other things besides worrying about your entire trailer disappearing. A lot of people aren’t away that the storage compartments of most trailers, motorhomes and fifth wheel trailers can be accessed by the same key. If the key for your outside storage compartment is labeled with CH751, then it can probably be accessed by almost any camper down the road. So, think twice before leaving valuable items in the storage compartment. It would be a shame if your fancy barbecue goes missing suddenly. These types of items can easily be stolen when left in your storage compartment, so best add extra means of protection for your storage compartment as well.

What I’m basically saying is: fresh-out-the-factory trailers and Rvs with factory locks in place can be broken into in a couple of minutes by anyone aware of the shortcuts that most manufacturers make trying to save money. While standardisation is good for the factory, it doesn’t provide you with much security. So make sure you have everything locked every time you leave your trailer, RV or storage compartment unattended by locking the deadbolt!