Evangelist Beth Moore Biography

Author of several best-selling books and a heart-touching Bible teacher that is very popular among female population is an American. Among first women to establish a Bible-based organization for women ”Living Proof Ministries” based in Houston, Texas, Beth’s main focus and desire is to help women live according to God’s principles. She is a Christian role model that expresses her love for God and teaches other women to do the same. According to Beth, this is the only way to save ourselves from all the sins we make. And her words inspire thousands of people regardless of the age.

beth moore

Her first beginnings and connections with God and the church began at age of 18, when she was volunteering as Sunday school. Since she began devoting more to God and decided to learn more about Christianity and the great teachings of the Bible. At the beginning evangelist Beth Moore only shared her knowledge through few Bible study classes that were held in the church. As the number of women rose to 2000, she took the courage to start speaking at churches throughout South Texas. She soon decided to write books which were later published by Broadman & Holman.

As Beth’s audience grew, she decided to assemble a worship band and start holding weekend conferences around the country. She didn’t stop there. Beth began holding conferences all around the world – England, Singapore, Porto Rico, India and Ireland. Moore does what she believes is good and true, worshiping the almighty God and speaks publicly about the role women have in this world. For this many women adore evangelist Beth Moore and are interested in what she has to say.

Public speaking is not all Moore does. She shares her experiences and knowledge on her radio show ”Living Proof with Beth Moore” and is often a guest on LIFE Today, a popular television program where she hosts ”Wednesdays in the Word”. Her appearances cause tremendous reactions by Christian followers that attend her conferences the minute she walks on the stage. She even succeeded to fill out the Springfield, Illinois venue just as Elton John did a decade ago.

Evangelist Beth Moore is popular because she not only speaks on themes that are connected with the Bible, but also reveals and shares stories of her life like adapting a son and giving him back to his birth mother, her sexual abuse as a child and other life stories many women identify with. According to Beth, it is God’s love and relationship that will help us survive and heal and it will give us the power to continue living the life God intended for us.