Editor’s Top General Things to Know About Air Compressors

Found in a wide range of environments and having an even wider range of uses, air compressors are all around us. Tire shops use compressed air to remove tires with an air tool, and gas stations offer compressed air to inflate your vehicle’s tires. Furthermore, it is also possible that you have seen small desktop air compressors which are used with an airbrush or a trailer-style gas-powered air compressor at a construction site powering concrete compactors and jackhammers. As a matter of fact, you have probably been around a variety of different kinds of air compressors without even knowing.

Compressor pump

As you might have figured by now, these appliances have many different uses in businesses to help get work done safely and efficiently, and are also used for leisure and maintenance at home. We have compiled a list of their applications with the sole purpose of widening your knowledge about the different ways an air compressor cheap or expensive – it doesn’t matter – can be used.

As with most other things, different applications require different types of air compressors. And despite the fact that there are various different types in power supply and size, generally, there are two main designs: rotary screw and reciprocating piston air compressors.

These two designs have several models which offer a selection ranging from the low pressure air in a small storage tank, which is enough to pump up your car or bike tires, to the ultimate power of pressurized air which can supply a heavy manufacturing facility with a reliable and a constant air for plant operations.

You’re probably most familiar with reciprocating piston air compressor cheap models, but chances are you haven’t seen all of the variations in the design of this type. The tank can be a single or a double cylinder, vertical or horizontal, a stationary model that stays in one place or a portable one with wheels to easily move around. Generally, air compressors can be grouped into three main classifications: consumer grade, professional grade and industrial grade.

Consumer grade air compressors can be easily described as a single-stage model. They are mainly used for household tasks such as inflating tires and inflatable products and possibly some low-load air tools like staplers and brad guns.
Professional grade air compressors can be rotary screw models or two-stage reciprocating models. They provide more power to run a couple of air tools simultaneously with intermittent use.
Industrial grade air compressors are designed to provide a steady flow of compressed air for prolonged time periods and can take fluctuating surges in use which are typical for big manufacturing plants. They are built with high-quality components which enable customization to the specific environment to improve reliability, performance and energy efficiency.