E Cig Atomizer Coil: Telltale Signs You Need a New One

There are two primary products that you must buy and replace on a regular basis if you are someone who vapes. The e liquid is the first and the e cig atomizer coil is the second.

There is quite a bit of confusion as to how often you might need to replace these things. The main reason for all this confusion is because there is a whole range of factors that come in when you want to determine just how long your atomizer coil will last and when you should replace it. Below we’ll break it down into what an atomizer coil actually is, what determines how long it lasts, how do you know if it’s burning out and when you need to buy a new e cig atomizer coil.


So what is an e cig atomizer coil exactly? It’s the part of the e cigarette that heats up which it then turns the liquid into vapour. You can find them in both single or dual coils. The head of the atomizer is composed of three different parts which are the casing, the coil or wire and the wicking material. The wire or coil is wrapped around the wicking material in a coil formation, hence, why it’s called the coil. The two separate ends are then connected to the casing which is what partly makes contact with the battery. When the liquid is poured into the tank, the wicking material absorbs it, then when the battery is activated it heats up the coil which causes the liquid on the wicking material to become vapour.

What are the factors that actually decide how long an atomizer lasts? Well, there is more than one factor that makes up this decision. The acidity level in your e liquid is one of them. The higher the acidity, the faster your coil is more likely to burn out. The most common liquids with higher acidity are the fruit flavoured ones so if you want longer atomizer lifespan, stay away from those. The wattage and voltage your atomizer is running at could also effect its lifespan. The simple reason behind this is that the more power you are using, the quicker it will burn out. The last reason that determines the lifespan of your atomizer is how often you actually use it. For people who vape all day every day, the lifespan of the atomizer will not be as long as someone who only vapes socially or occasionally.

There are plenty of signs that will tell you if your atomizer coil has come to the last of its days. Usually, the first sign that you will see is a reduced amount of vapour. When I coil is new the vapour is thick, this gradually gets thinner and thinner, most people don’t really notice it until they go back to a new one and feel the difference.


Another sign that you might need to replace it is when you start getting a burnt taste in your mouth. There are a couple things that can cause this which include not enough liquid in your tank, too much power going to the coil, but usually, it’s a sign that your atomizer needs to be replaced. The liquid coming into your mouth is another sign of a failing atomizer. This should also be considered a sign that you might need to replace it. Nothing bad can really happen to you, but the atomizer can stop working altogether after a while. Make sure you check regularly to make sure that it’s still in working condition.

While it is impossible to give a direct answer as to how often the e cig atomizer coil should be replaced, there are a few guidelines. If you are someone who enjoys vaping everyday then you should probably aim to replace your coil every five to seven days. If you are someone who vapes every day but not all day then your coil should last you, at least, fourteen days. If you are someone who only vapes lightly throughout the day then your coil should last you up to three weeks. These are not strict guidelines and your coil can last longer or shorter depending on your use, so it’s up to you to be on the lookout for the signs that your coil might need replacing.