Different Types of Rigid Truck and Trailers

Given the fact that road freight industry is a major sector in Australia and is closely related to country’s overall economy, trucks are an important part of the transportation industry. Large, powerful and capable of transporting tons of weight, trucks are classified into several groups, but the most popular one is the rigid truck class. For additional convenience and better application-truck matches, rigid trucks are further classified into 3 main groups:

  • light rigid trucks,
  • medium rigid trucks and
  • heavy rigid trucks.

These three classes have different weight capacities, so they include different rigid truck and trailer models.

Flatbed Truck

This type of rigid truck has a specific flat-bed-trailer mounted on axles with no sides nor roof on trailer. This rigid truck is perfect for transporting goods that need to be unloaded quickly either from the sides or the rear. However, flatbed trucks are used for transportation of goods that do not require additional protection from various elements during the transport from the origin to the delivery point (such as construction equipment, construction materials, etc.). These rigid trucks are suitable for both short and long hauling, but are more cost-efficient for hauling loads over long distances.

Refrigerated Truck/Trailer

Refrigerated trucks and trailers are exclusively used for transportation of temperature-sensitive goods, which in most cases is food. There are specialized models of rigid trucks with refrigeration units to keep the goods at a certain temperature, but there are also specialized refrigerated trailers that can be attached on different types of hauling vehicles: lowboys, tankers, vans, etc. Designed to withstand all the rigors of commercial shipping, refrigeration trucks and trailers can be used for all normal loading and unloading methods. This rigid truck and trailer model is not only an essential part of food transportation, but is also widely used for correction and medical facilities, military, emergency and disaster planning.

Crane Truck

Compared to any other rigid truck and trailer, the crane truck is the most unique rigid truck type. It is a common truck, only with a crane apparatus placed on its chassis. Since crane trucks have wheels, they can be directly driven to the job site where lifting is required. The flexibility of crane trucks is incomparable, while the lifting capacity varies greatly with each particular model. Compact, maneuverable, accurate loading and able to travel on highways, crane trucks are some of the most efficient cranes and/or trucks that a construction company can have.