Create a Comfortable Minimalism With Mid Century Modern Furniture

When renovating an old home or decorating a new one – most people try to keep up with what is popular at that moment. But regardless of the trends, in my opinion, mid-century style will always be IN. So, if you have a love for clean lines and gentle organic curves – this might be the ideal style for your home. The mid-century style is based on earlier styles, such as the International and the Bauhaus. The advancements in technology have led to the production and development of a vast array of new materials, making it possible to explore new effects, textures, forms, and colours. Now let’s talk more details and let’s take a look at all the reasons why you should decorate your home in this amazing interior style.

mid-century modern furniture

Functionality. Without a doubt, functionality is the number one attribute of mid-century modern furniture. The most popular thing about this style direction is that in all furniture piece – form follows function – meaning that every designed curve has its own purpose.

Contrast. Another thing that makes this furniture unique is its contrasting materials and designs. For example, a coffee table with a base made of natural wood combined with a glass top is the perfect balance of style, function, and simplicity that emits a very chic vibe.

Shape. Mid-century modern furniture is known for its rectilinear shapes, incorporating gentle organic curves. The pieces can be easily identified by the straight, clean lines along with the smooth, curved angles. They might feature fancy ornamentation or upholstery but all that comes in a minimal design. This kind of furniture usually comes with wooden construction but there are also pieces that include fiberglass or metal. Generally, mid-century furniture is designed in one or two colours with very little or none at all patterns.

Innovation. Most of the time, mid-century furniture designers make pieces that feature nothing but the specific characteristics of the mid-century style. But sometimes, they want to experiment with something new and create pieces that are a mix of both traditional and experimental materials. As such, it is not surprising to see a mid-century piece of furniture with elements and forms that are completely unheard of among the mid-century design concepts.

Ornamentation. Mid-century modern furniture does not need any extra details because they can muck up the looks of the design. The main goal of designers is to create a bold, clean furniture piece that emits simplicity and minimalism.

If you want to incorporate mid-century modern furniture in your home, start with the piece that your home currently lacks. For example, if you need a new sofa, then get one but make sure that its design works with your space. Also, do not be afraid to blend mid-century furniture with pieces from other periods – the minimalism and cleanliness of this amazing style make it rather easy to combine it with any other style.