Cleaning Solutions & Techniques to Clean Windows Like a Pro

A clean and tidy home is an everyday ‘mission in progress’ for women, especially stay-at-home moms. Aside from dust-free floors, furniture and appliances, another big struggle for mums are the dirty windows. Children make mess; leave chocolate-covered fingerprints on windows, draw with crayons on the glass and even lick windows. The result: aside from a cute YouTube video or a picture post on Instagram or Facebook, dirty windows.


The truth is, cleaning the windows at home is not as daunting and frightening as it seems, if disposing with the right window cleaning supplies and of course, techniques. If streak-free windows is what you aim for during your home-cleaning adventures, keep reading this article and learn what window cleaning supplies you need and how to put them into practice. Learn to clean your windows like the pros do. Instead of wasting your time on cleaning the windows with newspapers, wadded-up paper towels or useless spray cleaners, equip yourself with:

  • strip applicator;
  • squeegee;
  • scrubber;
  • microfibre cloth;
  • super-concentrated window cleaner.

How to clean the stubborn spots and streaks from your windows?

To make sure your windows are sparkling clean, below are few steps (techniques) you need to learn and stick to.

  • Step No. 1 – Wash the window with the strip applicatorFor larger windows you will need larger tools and this is the time to use the strip applicator. Normally, the strip applicator features a long cloth head that is powerful enough to soak up greater amounts of soapy water, while removing the dirt without scratching the glass. Put several drops of the window cleaner in a bucket filled with warm water (NEVER use hot water) and start your window-cleaning adventure.
  • Step No. 2 – Take the squeegee and wipe cleanStart at the top left by pulling the squeegee over the soapy window pane in a reverse-S pattern. Obviously, if you are right-handed, you should start from the opposite side (top right). At the end of each stroke, make sure to wipe the blade clean of the squeegee with a clean microfibre cloth.
  • Step No. 3 – Remaining drips? Dry them off!Normally, there will be water left on the edges of the glass. Remove the drips by using a damp, microfibre cloth that leaves no streaks. To dry the windowsill, use a clean rаg.

By following the aforementioned steps, you can finally have your beautiful windows shining bright and clean. Good luck and happy window cleaning!