Budget-Friendly Ways To Ward Off Burglars

While you do not expect a burglary to happen to you, know that one happens every fifteen seconds. With the casual attitude towards home security, many people don’t seem to worry about a home break-in until it’s too late. But, once a burglary happens, the damage is inevitable. Not only do victims of such crimes lose valuables and memories, they also lose peace of mind that can’t be replaced easily.

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Your home is your castle and, above all, a place where you should always feel safe. It is the only place where you can have complete control over who can get close to you or your family. Thus, protecting your family and property should be high on your priority list. The best way is to invest in a quality alarm system. But aside from ‘partnering’ with an Alarm systems Melbourne company, here are few additional budget-friendly ways to ward off burglars.

Doors And Locks – Most burglars enter through the garage, back or front doors. Experienced burglars know that the door of your garage is the weakest point of entry followed by the back door. Because of this, use high quality garage locks. You can find these lock sets available in most home improvement stores and quality hardware stores. They are definitely worth your money.

Be A Good Neighbor – Good neighbors should look out for each other. Therefore, communicate with your neighbors. Invite them to your home and establish a trustworthy relationship. When you are away, good neighbor will ‘guard’ your apartment or home. He/She can pick up your mail, newspapers and inspect the inside and outside of your home periodically to ensure everything is well. Instead of hiding your home keys under the doormat (burglars know all the hidden spots), give them to your neighbor.

Lighting – Interior lighting is a good way to ‘trick’ burglars that there is an activity inside your house. A home without lights many nights in a row sends the message to burglars that you are away. For example, light timers are not expensive solution and can be found everywhere. They can be used on a daily basis as well, not juts when you are away. The pattern of lights turning off and on should simulate actual occupancy. The same timers can be used to turn on televisions or radios to further enhance the illusion of occupancy. External lighting is also crucial. These lights should bright enough for you to see 30 meters. Good lighting is a deterrent to burglars because they do not want to be identified or seen.

Alarms Systems – Using services from a reputable alarm systems Melbourne company is definitely your best way to ward off burglars. The reasons why these systems deter burglars is because they increase the fear and potential of begin arrested and caught by the police. Alarm systems are effective solution if used properly. They must be properly installed and maintained. Let’s sum it all up.

  • Alarms are effective deterrents with visible signage.
  • They need to be properly installed, maintained and programed.
  • To be effective, security systems need to have bell or an audible horn.
  • Make sure your alarm call list is updated.
  • Give instruction to your neighbor how to respond to an alarm bell.