Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Do you often find yourself saying ‘Yes’ to the things you do not want to do? Do you have problems controlling your affection, money and time? Perhaps you are a person that always wants to please people around you rather than yourself. The Boundariesbook by John Townsend and Henry Cloud clearly points out the difficulty of people to set up a clear boundaries in their lives. Both, Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend are highly qualified people to speak about the boundaries in our everyday lives. Dr. Townsend is a family man who works as a therapist and clinical psychologist. Dr. Cloud is also a psychologist with rich background and experience.


Townsend and Cloud co-authored the book “Boundaries” with a goal to help people organize their lives in terms of responsibility, freedom, service and love. While Christian people are called to love other people as they do themselves, we usually forget the part about loving ourselves, which is quite important. The book “Boundaries” makes it clear where, when and how to drag a line.


Townsend and Cloud state that we cannot love completely if we are suffering from pressure, guilt or a sense of “feeling like we should”. When we set healthy, clear lines what to do and what not to do with our resources, we have more freedom to do what we want. This way, we pay more attention to ourselves and prohibit people from stealing our affection, resources and time. The layout of the book “Boundaries” is complex to follow at first. It is full of instructions, lot of examples and stories that will make you feel overwhelmed and confused initially. After you’ve delved into the book a little further, you will see how essential the boundaries really are.


“Boundaries” is a great book for anyone, especially for those who cannot say ‘No’ to other people, or are pushing themselves beyond the limits. Townsend and Cloud express the boundaries in a biblical and practical way that defines our personal responsibilities. If you don’t want to be a Yes-person, often pleasing other people rather than yourself, you should definitely read this book. You may find that insignificant adjustments can contribute to a more sustainable and healthier life with your family, friends and colleagues.