BMX Bikes: The Ideal Christmas Gifts

16 Inch BMX Bikes for Sale

Now that the season of holidays is on its way, it’s time to stop what you’re doing, and start planning what you’re going to buy for your loved ones. I’m sure you’d agree with me, it’s fun getting in the role of Santa, and seeing the happy faces of your loved ones upon receiving and opening their gifts.

If you still haven’t figured out what to buy for them, why not consider getting something that’s fun and adds to health at the same time? I’m talking about BMX bikes! If you’re the nostalgic type, I’m sure when you remember cycling back in the day, you have an image of your gorgeous BMX. Luckily, now with the use of latest technology, BMX bikes offer versatility in sizes too, so along with the 20 inch standard, you can also come across 16 inch Bmx bikes for sale, 22, 24, and 26.

What this means is the BMX is no longer only the biking choice for kids and youth, but rather for biking enthusiasts in general – people of all generations! While the 16 inch Bmx bikes for sale, as well as the 20 inch, are perfect for the little biker (more specifically around 110-122cm tall) that just makes it into the world of BMX, the remaining three options are suitable for youth and grown ups.

Now, other than the tire-inch consideration, there are more BMX aspects you could pay attention to, wanting to make sure you make the right choice of gift in the end. The choice of brakes is one of them – though most BMX bikes don’t come with brakes, you should consider getting a back brake installed at least if it’s the case with a beginner biker.

When it comes to the property of weight, bear in mind the more lightweight the BMX bike is, the costlier it’s going to be. As long as there’s enough room for manoeuvrability, and bike control, you can count on a great purchase, no matter the weight. A way to ensure you get less weight is to mind the sprocket – small is the choice you should be after, as it also makes for more manoeuvrability.

In terms of rims, it’s better to go for the double wall option as it’s sturdier and considerably more durable than a single wall rim, which is easy to dent. As for cranks, you should pay more attention to the riding style you intend the bike for; street riding wouldn’t require as sturdy cranks as the BMX racing, and dirt riding, for instance. Happy shopping!