Best Hair Loss Treatments For Men

Although considered as a sexy and appealing hairstyle, most men prefer not to be bald, especially young men who see hair loss as a big issue. And although many doctors believe ‘men should think deeply before using any remedies for hair loss because the treatment options are limited’, many choose to spend a lot of money trying to get a head full of hair.

Common Hair loss treatments include Minoxidil – a topical solution sold under the brand name ‘Rogaine’. Initially used by patients with heart disease, the Minoxidil is also used to treat hair loss. Minoxidil is know to increase the blood supply to the hair follicles, and when applied twice a day for four mounts, it tends to show noticeable results. Men who have used this product have reported some improvements. But the Minoxidil don’t provide satisfactory result for all. The reason for that is still unknown, and therefore your doctor cannot tell you in advance whether Minoxidil will work for you or not.

Another common hair loss treatment is Finasteride – an oral tablet used for male baldness. Reports state that around 80 % of men who suffer from male baldness have experienced positive results. Usually the treatment shows visible results after three to six months. However in cases where medicines aren’t effective, other hair loss treatments are available. The hair replacement grafts is one of them.

Hair Loss Treatments

Hair replacement graft is a surgery which involves taking hair from the back of the scalp and transplanting the hair to the bald area. It is a minor operation and it is usually done under local anesthetic.

However, if you are looking for a non-surgical procedure, then the micro scalp pigmentation is the best hair loss treatment for you. Micro scalp pigmentation is a treatment that offers quick results and it is completely pain free. It is actually a treatment that involves tattooing the bald spots on the scalp with special needles. A professional use natural pigments that are tattooed on the scalp, matching the color of your natural hair and the results are visible almost instantly. After several treatments, the patient gets a look of head full of tiny hair.

The homemade remedies, such as onion extracts and hair mask made with black gram, are also know to be effective hair loss treatments.

As you can see, many hair loss treatments are available and choosing the best one for your depends on the severity of your hair loss.