Basics and Features of the Open Frame Generator

The open frame type generator type is primarily designed for installation within a walk-in shelter.
A walk-in shelter provides easy generator maintenance. Usually, a generator can be better maintained and serviced when the mechanic can walk into the enclosure, close the door behind him, turn on the needed lighting to operate, and work on the generator without the different weather elements affecting his work flow.

Open Frame Generator

A closed enclosure within a shelter usually reduces the preventative maintenance because all components that are hidden from sight are also hidden from mind. Therefore, the chance to be able to see all the components without having to remove any panels helps facilitate preventative maintenance as it makes it easier to spot if there is any problem with any of the components, such as a leak for example. Generally, there are two standard frame sizes: 4 to 10 kW and 10 to 20 kW.


Designed to be pushed against the wall with the shelter wall, the open frame generator has a cut-out which enables the radiator to blow the hot air straight to the outside. You can remove the radiator from the open enclosure and then place the radiator on the outside of the shelter, however, this will reduce the amount of air that it is required to circulate through the shelter.

This is beneficial to be done in arctic type climates as the great amount of cold air which is drawn in by the radiator can cause other appliances to freeze. However, placing the radiator on the outside of the shelter will enable only the air which is needed for engine combustion to enter into the shelter. Consequently, the higher volume of air required for radiator cooling will be left outside of the shelter.

The open frame is usually made of 1.5 inch steel square tubing and it enables to stack the generators one on top of another. This feature is very beneficial as it helps save space and use the exact amount of generators that it is actually needed for optimal performance.

Finally, whatever you might be considering to do, don’t forget to make safety a priority. Keep in mind that the requirements for placing the radiator outside the shelter in arctic environment require much more instructions than I have given you above in this article. For that reason, before you do anything, please do make a more thorough research on the topic.