All You Need To Know About Carpet Maintenance

One of the many factors which affect the beauty of a carpet is the way it is maintained. Dirt not only makes carpet unattractive, but also contributes to its damage. It is a fact that carpets which feature lighter colors and fine material, as well as those exposed to constant dirt and stepping require frequent cleaning. The best way to remove dirt from carpets is with an ordinary broom. It does not damage the carpet and improves its durability. However, broom takes more time and effort which is why most people use vacuum. But what most do not know is that rotating brush is the main culprit for early carpet fiber damage. All carpet cleaning technicians will recommend using vacuum at a lower speed and never turn rotating brush on, as it will contribute to the breakage of carpet fibers and lead to permanent tear.

Also, it is recommended to clean back of the rug once every few weeks. Turn over your carpet and first vacuum the area and then go over it with a damp cloth. Doing so, you will remove even the tiniest dirt particles accumulated from frequent exposure to dust, food and treading. Make sure you do not turn the carpet right away – leave it for few minutes for moisture from a damp cloth to dry. Allowing moisture to remain in the carpet, is the biggest mistake many make. Any type of moisture should be immediately removed using dry sponge or cloth. If larger amount of liquid is spilled on the carpet, after removing excess moisture, briefly expose the carpet to the sun or a blow dry the area.

When carpet is stained by coffee, tea, cough syrup, oil, shoe polish or pet urine, the first thing that needs to be done is to remove it from the carpet using dry cloth, and then clean stained area with detergent designed for carpet cleaning. You should know that almost every stain can be cleaned successfully with the use of special cleaning products. For example, stains made from juice, milk, coffee, tea and chocolate can be cleaned by using water and neutral soap or vinegar. If a stain is caused by spilled grease or oil, first removed excess oil with a spoon and then cover with clean white piece of cotton fabric and iron over it with not so hot iron. This way cotton fabric will absorb oil from the carpet.

To best maintain your carpet, make sure you vacuum carpet at least twice a week and spot clean as needed. Also, deep clean at least twice a year or often if necessary. If you plan on deep cleaning the carpet yourself, wash it with cold water and use special carpet cleaning detergents. To preserve tenderness of fibers, use soft brushes (usually made of horsehair) and to maintain color shine, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to cleaning detergents. Let carpet dry completely before using it and never expose it to direct sunlight. However, deep cleaning should be left to professionals such as Drymaster Carpet Cleaners who have the equipment and knowledge to wash any type of carpet or rug. This is the best way to avoid damage to the carpet, retain its shine, beauty and durability.

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