A Single Drop of Essential Oil Offers Powerful Benefits For Mind, Body & Soul

Essential oils – the mere name suggests their importance, however, many of us are not aware in which way we can enliven our cosmetics department and aromatic experience of the space, simply by turning to these natural delights.

The most important characteristic of essential oils is their complete inability to be anything else by beneficial to our bodies. Apart from being nice to the skin, they are also safe for inhalation and often exhibit calming effects. Just by thinking where these oils come from should be enough, because how can one of the most important life forms – plants, not become a leading healing and beautifying component of our daily routine.

Therefore, do not consider, buy essential oils, because there are many different ways in which you can make use of the potent active ingredients within them. For now, we’ll focus on three simple ways that can fit anyone’s limiting time frame.


Drop It Like It’s Essential

One very simple way to use essential oils is to pour 5-7 drops in the warm water while you’re sitting in your tub. You will feel the urge to never leave the bath, that is for sure and your body will smell amazing afterward and guess what – the sensation remains much longer.

The Power of Three – Chemicals Free

You can also create your own air freshener by combining clean water, lemon juice and a few drops of essential oil in a sprinkler bottle. Not only that your home will smell great for hours, but you can be sure that by using this natural air freshener, you won’t affect the gentle lungs of your baby, your pets, or yourself.

Your Skin Eats

Yes, this is absolutely true, your skin literally absorbs anything you put on it, this is how it hydrates itself when we swim or take baths, so why should it be different with moisturizing products? That is why we should always strive to use the most natural products possible. We recommend using coconut oil as a skin moisturizer and put a few drops of any kind of essential oil in it and enjoy the newest, freshest YOU you’ve even experienced.

Essential oils are that one natural thing that you get get quite creative with and use it even instead of perfume if you are a singer and aware of the soar throat effect regular perfumes cause. There simply isn’t one fair reason why we should buy essential oils and make our homes a healthier environment and ourselves, fun and enjoyable to smell around.