A Home’s Exterior: Add Curb Appeal to Increase Its Value

If you’re like most people, then you care more about the interior of your home than the exterior. We just tend to spend more time decorating the inside because we like to surround ourselves with beauty, not realising the exterior has a say in a home’s value.

After all, it’s the first impression people get of a home before even entering, so why not make it a good one? Sure, the roof, doors and windows could do with some refreshing, whether it’s repainting, replacing or simply cleaning, but there are other ways you can stir things up, starting from the mailbox area.

When was the last time you gave your mailbox some TLC? Other than weeds growing around, there might be rust and that’s sure to make your exterior look run down altogether.

There are many options nowadays, from fence mounted mailboxes to wall mounted, and they are stylish as they are of quality, made for the tough weather conditions, so if you don’t feel like repainting the old one, it’s time to do some shopping to find the match for your home.


Regardless of which model you choose, whether fence mounted mailboxes or any of the other types, you can still enhance their aesthetics by adding plants around. It might be a shrub like the lovely sight and scent of lavender, or fragrant flowers like jasmine and lilac.

Along with flower power around the mailbox area, you could do the same with the walkways and driveways, so other than framing the exterior, you would also cut down the gardening chores since when there are more flowers there’s less of a lawn which means less mowing chores.

Of course, mailboxes aren’t the only ingredients of hardware; there is also the house number and door latches to look into and take care of. Choose bold numbers and latches for a bolder impact!

The beautiful and unique texture of natural stone cladding, be it with wall or floor, is sure to immediately uplift the look in a cohesive outcome, and moreover it’s an investment that’s easy to maintain and one that lasts for years to come so it should be part of your landscaping plans.

Lighting is important for safety and security, but it’s a key element when it comes to adding drama too. This can be achieves with the lighting fixtures as much as with the bulbs, so make sure you choose something that would add interest to your curb appeal.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to sell or not – a home’s curb appeal has an increase in value and that’s an aspect always an aspect highly welcome.